sunday reflections:

i am sick and was not able to attend church today. i have read the relief society and sunday school lessons. but miss taking the sacrament and renewing those covenants...

come listen to a prophet.s voice...
president thomas s. monson

study and prepare for your life.s work in a field that you enjoy because you are going to spend a
good share of your life in that field...

have discipline in your preparations. have checkpoints where you can determine if you.re on course. i hope that you are not afraid of tough classes. i never did have a cinch class.

i hope that you are not afraid of lengthy periods of preparation. burn the midnight oil. don.t procrastinate like my older sister who after a date night rationalized: I have a test tomorrow. but I am weary. what is more important. my health or my test... aha. my health. i need my sleep. So she slept. I won.t say what happened to the test.

you simply have to apply yourself. I hope that you want to be so well equipped that you can compete in this competitive world. I hope that you will learn to take responsibility
for your decisions. whether they be in your courses of study which you elect to take. or whether they be in the direction of the academic attainments which you strive to achieve.

should you become discouraged or feel burdened down. remember hat others have passed this same way. they have endured and then have achieved. when we have done all that we are able to do. we can then rely on god.s promised help.

[ces fireside for young adults . sept. 7. 2003]

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I told my children that they should read this post!

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