Foodie Tag

I got tagged by Leslie
(These are in no particular order except for the first one...)

Chef's Table:
Begger's purse
Roasted red pepper potato soup
Salmon, and mashed potatoes with horseradish

Nuts About Berries salad
Wisconsin cauliflower soup
Ultimate grilled cheese panini

Veggie burrito with caramelized onions and corn

Sonic sunrise
Sausage breakfast burrito

Goodwood Barbecue Company:
Sweet chicken
Steamed vegetables
Water with cucumber slice

Springville Trolley:
Wade burger
Chocolate cake, or cheesecake
Real Macoy salad with house dressing

Texas Roadhouse:
Fall-off-the-bone ribs

Pita Pit:
Grilled chicken with
spinach, green peppers,
mushrooms, cucumbers,
tomatoes, sprouts, tsatziki sauce

Jamba Juice:
Cold Buster
Berry Topper
Berry Fulfilling

Golden Coral:
Rolls and honey butter

I tag
Tiffany, Christine, Kathleen, and Aly

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