sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: the mission of john the baptist

jesus said: among those born of women there is not a greater prophet than john the baptist. but he that is least in the kingdom is greater than he.

john the baptist was entrusted with preparing the way for the savior . he was baptized the son of man . he held the keys of the aaronic priesthood. only jesus christ was greater than he...

:: sunday school :: jacob 5- 7

jacob 5: 73-74: and they became like unto one body. and the fruits were equal. [consecration]

passion for wealth vs. wealth
we are blessed with wealth and should use it to help others.

:: sacrament meeting ::
missionary service

there are many types of missions that older people can serve. they can be far away or close to home . full time or part time . long in length or short term. the important thing is for everyone to serve...

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