Try a New Cleaning Tactic

Spring Cleaning...

Instead of reaching into the garbage disposal to remove something causing bad odors, run the disposal with lemon peels to clean it and make it smell nice.

Instead of cleaning just the inside of your windows, try using an outdoor window cleaner that attaches to your garden hose.

Instead of spraying, and immediately wiping, let any kind of cleaner sit for at least a minute to allow it time to break down dirt and grease.

instead of vacuuming over areas just once, you need to go over it least four times. It's the back and forth motion that gets the dirt out.

Instead of using a pricey magic eraser for crayon marks, use toothpaste (not gel) on a sponge and then wipe off with a wet cloth.

Instead of air fresheners to eliminate odors, soak a kitchen towel in white vinegar, wring it out, and swing it over your head several times.

Instead of shaking an area rug to get rid of the dirt, hang the rug on the line and beat it with tennis racket.

Instead of cleaning after errands and appointments, clean in the morning when you are not tired and the light is better.

Instead of being frustrated when you can't get to high or deep shelves to clean them, line them with ribbed plastic shelf liners that you can just take out and wipe down.

Instead of ignoring the hard-to-reach dirt in the seals of the refrigerator, know that it might mildew and clean the ridges out with vinegar.

Instead of cleaning bathroom grout with a toothbrush, whiten the grout with a bottle of grout stain.

Happy Cleaning...


Loquacious Leslie said...

Can you come to my house???? Please!! I love your spring cleaning ideas!

shelly said...

What if I paid you to come to California to clean mine??

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