Movie Tag

Tiffany tagged me...

1. The total number of movies I own:
About 800
(That includes a few duplicates on VHS and DVD.)

2. The last movie I bought:
27 Dresses
(But, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.)

3. The last movie I saw:
At Home: Raiders of the Lost Ark
(Getting ready for Indiana Jones #4)
In Theater: Dan in Real Life
(I don't get out to movies very much.)

4. A movie I'll never watch again:
Good Burger
(A pointless waste of time.)

5. Five movies that mean something to me:
Pride and Prejudice
(Black and white version: saw it and then read all the books.)

Schindler's List
(I felt I was watching the real Holocaust as it happened.)
To Kill a Mockingbird
(One movie I liked as much as the book.)
Anne of Green Gables
(TV movies, but priceless.)
Fried Green Tomatoes
(Tawanda!! LOL)

I tag these 5 people:
Whitney, Amanda, Leslie, Brittany, and Aly

1 comment:

Chapman Family said...

I haven't seen Fried Green Tomatoes in forever!!! Such a good flick!

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