sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: you are worth being remembered

what a waste it is to find pictures of our ancestors and not know who is in the picture.

take the time now to write directly on your pictures who is in the photo . where it is . what is going on . and the date.

save your posterity some grief and stress...

sometimes a thoughtful individual. aware of mortality. aware of forgetfulness. will write names on the back of a photo. on the back of this photo left to right: ernest bibb . clarence spencer . james branham . leo johnson . and john drumheller.

:: sunday school ::
mosiah 4: 14-15
parental responsibilities

and ye will not suffer your children that they go hungry. or naked. neither will ye suffer that they transgress the laws of god. and fight and quarrel one with another. and serve the devil... but ye will teach them to walk in the ways of truth and soberness. ye will teach them to love one another. and to serve one another.

:: sacrament meeting ::

i never knew how good girls' camp was for me. then
heavenly father loves and cares about each of us
the primary children are a blessing in my life
my testimony is in my heart. not my head
testimonies are also borne by our actions
we can pray using specific names. and our prayers will still be answered
we.re lucky to live close so we we can help and take care of each other
you are all in my book of gratitude that is just a very small part of the lord's book of gratitude
trials pass and are forgotten. trials should not sway our testimony
the sharpest mind is duller than the dullest pencil. write it down
simple . direct . and powerful promptings from the holy ghost
i am grateful to heavenly father for his love and blessings
there is nothing more true than the gospel of our savior

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