sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: gifts of the spirit

if we are obedient and have honest hearts. we can receive gifts of the spirit to use for the benefit of others and for building up the kingdom.

most of the gifts of the spirit are known only to those who possess them and to some of those who benefit from them.

:: sunday school :: mosiah 12-17

the courage of abinani is something we can all learn from. he tells of the destruction of king noah and his people and they sentence him to death. but he tells them that they cannot touch him until he has told them what god has sent him to deliver and to answer their question. he teaches the atonement knowing that he is going to die.

:: sacrament meeting ::

bro. moffat: work must be taught. first you need to know how to do it and then you must be willing to do it.

bro. jepsen: the gospel and its message are everything. it is eternal and has always been taught.

bro. nelson: be in tune to the spirit so we can serve spontaneously.

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