sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: daughters of god
elder m. russell ballard

there is no role in life more essential and more eternal than that of motherhood. there is no one perfect way to be a good mother. find time for yourself to cultivate your gifts and interests. don.t over schedule yourself or your children. the joy motherhood comes in moments. pray . study . and teach the gospel.

behold i say unto you. that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass. [alma 37:6]

:: sunday school :: mosiah 18-24

alma receives authority from god to organize the church of christ and to baptize.

there are many reasons that people are rebaptized: to straighten things out such as temple work . after joseph smith organized the church . the return of excommunicated members .
to carry out the united order . re.commitment to gospel . records were lost . for health

some people take longer to commit to baptism but that doesn.t mean they are less worthy.

:: sacrament meeting ::
hymns of the church

last sunday everyone was asked to think of a favorite hymn and why it's a favorite.
today many people took the stand and shared their hymns and reasons. we sang one verse of each song. it was a delightful meeting...

urie . hymn #335:
brightly beams our father's mercy
tate . hymn #249:
called to serve
watson . hymn #300:
families can be together forever
wilson . hymn #46:
glorious things of thee are spoken
fetzer . hymn #308:
love one another
nimmer . hymn #336:
school thy feelings
morgan . hymn #136:
i know that my redeemer lives [verse 4]
key . hymn #2: the spirit of god
christensen . hymn #301:
i am a child of god [verse 1]
watson . hymn #340:
the star spangled banner
galbraith . hymn #217:
come let us anew [verse 3]
holt . hymn #19:
we thank thee. o god. for a prophet
hawks . hymn #301:
i am a child of god [verse 2]
christensen . hymn #284:
if you could hie to kolob
cunningham . hymn #220:
lord. i would follow thee
white . hymn #105:
master. the tempest is raging
holt . hymn #134:
i believe in christ
holt . hymn #206:
away in a manger
watson . hymn #204:
silent night
albach . children's songbook #118:
book of mormon stories
stone . hymn #140:
did you think to pray
kim . hymn #241:
count your blessings
nielsen . hymn #60:
battle hymn of the republic
skabelund . children's songbook #12:
a child.s prayer
bishop . hymn #71:
with songs of praise

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