When I was a kid, my brothers and I had so much fun playing Croquet all summer long with our friends and with each other.

We always had a Croquet set around that had nine metal wickets. (Sometimes we forgot a wicket in the grass and it would get run over by the lawnmower.)

There were two stakes with color bands from the top to the bottom showing the order of play:
top color went first. (Of course that was always the oldest person playing.)

Six people could play at one one time, unless you had two different croquet sets. Each player had one ball and mallet of a matching color.

The first person around the course was the winner, unless we played Poison. Then it took longer. (Our courses were never exact. It was just how big the yard was.)

Croquet, Anyone?


Amanda Lauren said...

I have never learned how to play croquet! i probably should!

lyn. said...

Amanda: I will teach you how, if we can find a croquet set... {-:

shelly said...

Wow -- does this bring back memories!

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