Pondering Pasta

Pasta is the Italian word for paste.
All pasta is made from a dough of grain
flour mixed with water. That's the easy part...

The hard part is making it from scratch, or trying to remember
all the different names and uses of each unique pasta shape:
flat, smooth, solid, hollow, twisted, curved, ridged...

The shape of the pasta determines the Italian name of the pasta:

acini de pepe = little peppercorns
anelini = little rings
cannelloni = little tubes
capellini = fine hairs
conchiglie =
farfalle = butterflies
fettucine = small ribbons
fusilli = little spindles

gigli = lilies
lasagna = pot
linguini = little tongues
manicotti = pipes
mostaccioli = little mustaches
= little ears

orzo = rice shape
penne =
quadretti = little squares
ricciolini = l
little turnips
rigatoni =
striped furrows
spaghetti = strings
stelline = baby stars
tortellini = little fritters

little worms

If your a pasta pro, try this Pasta Identification Quiz.
(If you need to study first, go here.)
(I only got 8 right my first try.)

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