Is There a Difference Between Men and Boys?

Last Saturday, Todd and Trevor went up the canyon
to shoot their air soft guns at each other.
When they got home, I got these shots
of them vegging on the couch.
(as in couch potatoes...)

What, you might ask, are they grinning so broadly at?

You gotta love boys (men)!!


Bombchell said...

lol aww they look so happy. Reminds me of when i started college & I found out that almost every guy still had a playstation =)

shelly said...

Hahaha! Yep -- ya gotta love 'em! About a week ago one of our sons and our daughter-in-law were visiting and a couple of the high school buddies came over...it was like deja vu (sp?) ....I found myself yelling from the kitchen for them to not break things, when I heard them wrestling in the living room!

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