sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: presidency lesson:
taken from
concern for the one
by joseph b. wirthlin . april 2008

true disciples of jesus christ have always been concerned for the one: some are lost because they are different... some are lost because they are weary... some are lost because they have strayed...

i know that each of you bears a concern for a loved one. give encouragement . service . and support to them. be kind to them. in some cases they will return. in other cases they will not. but in all cases let us ever be worthy of the name we take upon ourselves. even that of jesus christ.

:: sunday school :: alma 17-22

these chapters were written for us. what can we learn from them...

alma 17: sons of mosiah convern lamanites . ammon serves king lamoni. there are no outsiders when it comes to kingdom of god. service can be just as powerful as preaching when sharing the gospel.

alma 18-22: conversion of king lamoni . we can.t assume that there are people who do not want to hear the gospel. everyone needs the gospel presented to them at their level of understanding. the gospel is for everyone who will repent and forsake wicked traditions.

alma 20-22: conversion of lamoni.s father . when you are evil. think everyone is evil. we prosper when we exercise faith in god and keep his commandments. and we are cursed when we fail to do so. the curse of the lamanites [being a loathsome and filthy people. full of idleness and all manner of abominations. and the withdrawal of the spirit of the lord] was lifted and the they became an industrious and friendly people.

:: sacrament meeting :: testimonies

• grateful for citizenship in this country and for prayers of support.
• we don.t have to keep making the same mistakes over and over.
• my eyes have been opened to to how heavenly father gives us trials to make us stronger.
• teaching the gospel is easy beasue it is true.
• i found great joy in reading my great.great.grandfather.s journal.

• it.s o.k. for men to cry.
• there are only two influences: satan.s
• and father in heaven.s. we choose.
• in arizona we work harder at the gospel because we don.t want to spend eternity in that kind of heat. {-:

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i love that relief society thought- thanks for sharing!

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