sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: proclaim glad tidings to all the world

jospeh smith loved missionary work. the most effective missionaries always act out of love. we need to be good examples of service and love. we need to have a testimony and be in tune with the spirit. we must be sincerely friendly to all. we need to open up our mouths and share the truth. the intensity of our desire to share the gospel is a great indicator of the extent of our personal conversion. we can share the gospel on the internet. visiting teaching is missionary work. family home evening is missionary work for our families. reading the scriptures and personal prayer is missionary work for ourselves.

:: sunday school :: alma 23-29

the converted lamanites change their name to anti.nephi.lehies [anti here may mean imitators of . not a name jospeh smith would use] when we are truly converted we will bury deeply those things that can drag us down to destruction as the anti.nephi.lehies did with their swords: [anger . hatred alcohol . pornography . drugs . attitude of rebellion . etc.]

in alma 24: 19 we find a typo: ... and thus we see that they buried their weapons of peace. or they buried the weapons of war for peace. what would you have done if you were engraving on metal plates and you made an error...

when we face trials or decisions we should do as ammon: i will go and inquire of the lord. living the gospel takes commitment . courage . and devotion

story from our teacher: when people find out he is a mormon they always ask him how many wives he has. his answer is that he had a hard enough time just finding one...

:: sacrament meeting ::

i had to leave sacrament meeting early today to take my son to the airport. but please take a moment and go to www.adailyscoop.blogspot.com where you will be uplifted by the courage . strength . and testimony of stephanie and her family. she just started her blog in april and in less than a month. when tragedy struck. stephanie chose to continue to share her family's experience openly and honestly as well as how the gospel has made all the difference in their lives at this time. i could not stop reading...

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