sunday reflections:

:: relief society :: obedience:
when the lord commands. do it

we can have a belief in christ and a testimony. but it needs to be followed up with following the commandments. we spend so much time pursuing the the things of the world that have no promise and can be lost or taken away so easily: praise . wealth . power. fame . position . titles. we need to spend more time keeping the commandments of god with the goal of obtaining those promises that cannot be rescinded: eternal life . celestial and spiritual rest . joy . holy ghost

:: sunday school :: alma 30-31

each generation seems to rebel against their parents in some way. they want and need to gain their own identities. instead of expecting our children to blindly follow our traditions we should be good examples. and lay firm foundations for them to build on as they gain their own testimonies and develop personal relationships with god.

before the lamanites were converted they had followed the evil traditions of their fathers. the traditions of the fathers of the nephites had been righteous yet they eventually fell away. instead of blindly following the traditions of our fathers. we all need to be converted to following the commandments so that we can have the spirit with us as we strive dicern the truth from deceit.

:: sacrament meeting ::

returned missionary: brad clark . honduras

it was a blessing for me to serve a mission and help my brothers and sisters find the truth. i saw how the gospel can change their lives. when the spirit touches the heart. it changes.

stake high council: brother butler

in the immensity of our known physical universe there should be no place that is more important than another. yet that is not how we experience things. there are special places. sacred places that are raised up and dedicated to god. places where our eyes are forced to look up and we can be closer to god. we are hard.wired to commune with god and the most sacred place to that is in one of his holy temples.

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