DIY Sound Memory Gam

On a cold, inside winter day, make a memory game with your little one in which players attempt to remember which two items make the same sound by picking up two cups and shaking each one. If a match is suspected, the player can turn the cups over to see if the images on the bottom match.

Collect 12 plastic restaurant cups with lids. Place matching objects in each of two cups. Some ideas for objects are: jingle bells (one in each cup); paper clips (4-5 in each cup); rice (a small handful in each cup); dried beans (any small beans will do); a string of three linked plastic beads (any kind will do); pennies (two in each cup).

Place matching stickers over the straw hole on the lids of matching contents in the cups so the child will know if they have a match without opening the cups. Then seal the lids on with heavy duty tape.

Now it's time to see if the kisa can match the cups by listening to to sounds when they shake the cups.

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