The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is
Listerine, the original medicinal type,
or the Dollar Store type works, too.


I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared.

I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes, and voila, it worked!

It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children's swing area, and the standing water nearby.

I tried this on my deck and around all of my doors. It works - in fact, it killed them instantly.

I bought my bottle from Target and it cost me $1.89. It really doesn't take much, and it is a big bottle, too; so it is not as expensive to use as the can of spray you buy that doesn't last 30 minutes. So, try this, please. It will last a couple of days.

Don't spray directly on a wood door (like your front door), but spray around the frame. Spray around the window frames, and even inside the dog house if you have one.

When the mosquitoes are out...
don't leave home without
the Listerine!!

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Shelly said...

Why did I NEVER know this??

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