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Love at Home
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4307

"There is beauty all around when there’s love at home.”1 Think what could happen to the world if everyone had a place of love, peace, and security to come home to. Ponder the power of love — anywhere, but especially at home.

One family was given the rare opportunity to see how the mood in their home affected family members who lived there. From his earliest years, their son Tyler suffered from a degenerative disease that caused severe disabilities. In the 24 years of his short life, he never walked or talked. But he communicated through his exuberant smile and happy disposition. Not much ever upset him. He could endure incredible amounts of physical pain. The only thing that ever really disturbed him was contention or negativity.

So, early on, the family learned to stop any quarrel, to watch their words, to check their attitudes. It was as if they lived with a barometer that measured the atmosphere of love and goodness in their home. Tyler’s mother called him her "Angel Boy,” and the family did all they could to make sure he felt love at home.

What would happen if each of us lived with such an angel? What would we choose not to say? How might we be more helpful? To whom would we show more love? Of course, no family is perfect, and no home is heaven on earth all the time. But if heaven is ever to be found on earth, we are most likely to find it in a loving home.

Thomas S. Monson has observed that "when we have sampled much and have wandered far …, our gratitude grows for the privilege of being part of something we can count on—home and family and the loyalty of loved ones. … We learn that nothing can fully take the place of the blessed relationship of family life.”2

As Tyler’s family came to understand, "Kindly heaven smiles above when there’s love at home.”3

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