Choir Notes

Thoughts for Mother
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4313

At the end of a long day, a busy mother sat down for what seemed like the first time since she got out of bed that morning. She was so exhausted she wanted to cry, but she didn’t even have the energy for that. She looked around the room and saw a day’s worth of clutter and too many chores half-done or not even started. "I can’t keep up,” she thought to herself. "There is no end to it, and I’m a failure at all of this.” She felt worn out, used up, and quite unappreciated. 

Then her eyes caught hold of a work of crayon art stuck by a magnet to the refrigerator. At the bottom of the drawing was written in a child’s hand, "I love you, Mom.” She saw little handprints on the patio door and realized that someday soon those would disappear and the sweet child who left them would be grown and gone. She felt the lingering warmth of the goodnight hug she received as the last child went off to bed. As tears filled her eyes, the sight of the clutter dimmed, and she saw two things clearly: it was worth it, and she was good enough. 

What mother hasn’t felt just as tired and hopeless as this one did? But when we see beyond the demands of daily living, keep a long-range view of things, and recognize the things that matter most, there can come into our hearts the assurance that our efforts are truly worth it, that they are making a difference. What we are doing, though probably not perfect, is surely good enough. 

Dear mothers, close your eyes to the clutter, forget for a moment the things you haven’t been able to do, and know that you are loved, that your sacrifice is of great worth, and that you are more than good enough. God bless mothers everywhere.

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