Choir Notes

Family Reunion
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4316

Family reunions help us reconnect with loved ones and remind us of what really matters. Reunions need not be extravagant affairs—they can be as simple as an afternoon in the park or a barbeque in the backyard. The food, decorations, program, and activities are not as important as the gathering itself: just getting together, remembering and sharing stories, and renewing family bonds. 

Some family members might consider such gatherings unpleasant or boring. One family recalls that their teenage children were not looking forward to the long drive and full-day commitment it would take to attend a family reunion. But their parents persisted and eventually delighted in the change of attitude they witnessed. At the reunion, the teenage son talked sports with a cousin he did not know he had, and he ended up with a new friend. The daughter realized she was not the only person with hard-to-manage hair, and she was able to get advice from other family members who had the same problem. 

Family reunions create memories, connect family members, and build continuity from generation to generation. As families gather to celebrate their roots, they learn things about each other—and themselves. They are inspired by family stories, keep their family history alive, and gain wisdom and strength from the elders in their clan.

In every family, there comes a day when a beloved family member is no longer there to recount the family lore. So now might be a good time to gather together. Be a family. Have a reunion.

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