Choir Notes

Daily Bread
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4334

Blessings from heaven surround us, but we must open our hearts to see them. Daily life can be so demanding, though, that we may not always notice how heaven is pouring out blessings and guiding our efforts. Hurrying from one commitment to the next, accomplishing one task after another, we seem to be much more aware of our daily difficulties than the abundant blessings we receive. 

Anciently, the Israelites who fled Egypt were much the same way. Nearly every morning during their 40 years in the wilderness, they awoke to find manna lying like dew on the ground. And yet, while the Lord saved them from starvation by literally raining down bread from heaven—not to mention delivering them from slavery—the children of Israel complained to Moses that they missed the fish, fruits, and vegetables they had enjoyed in Egypt.

Because the manna came so easily, so regularly, and for so long, they stopped being amazed by it and even grew tired of it. They did not consistently acknowledge, let alone thank the Lord for their daily bread.

Are there some "daily little miracles” in our lives that we fail to notice? Do we take for granted the blessings that shower gently but generously upon us—the love of family, the support of true friends, the glory of daily sunrises and sunsets, the peace of daily prayer—just because they are available every day? What a different tone our lives take when we turn heavenward with thankfulness for the favors that come our way. Not only do we recognize more of our blessings, but we also stand ready to receive more divine help. Let us open our eyes and our hearts to the blessings that surround us and rejoice anew in each miracle of daily bread.

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