Choir Notes

The Eye of the Storm
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4337

We are all familiar with the destruction that accompanies a hurricane. The high winds, heavy rains, and flooding often cause severe property damage and even loss of life. The chaos of evacuation before a hurricane and the human suffering in the aftermath make these storms among nature’s most frightening.
A fascinating characteristic of hurricanes, however, is the calm eye found at the center of the storm. In the eye of a hurricane, there can be blue sky and a light breeze. Surrounded by high wind and pelting rain, the eye is a spot of relative serenity in stark contrast to the destructive forces that whirl around it.
Occasionally, the events of life may come at us like a hurricane. The winds of grief may blow against us, and the tide of stormy relationships may flood our hearts. It may sometimes feel like the sun is hiding behind a thick blanket of threatening clouds.
But like hurricanes, the storms of life can also include a calm eye—a peaceful place, an opportunity to recover our strength. If we take advantage of tranquil moments, we can find rest from the buffeting tempest. Prayer and meditation can bring us comfort in the most trying circumstances. Listening to inspiring music or to the counsel of a trusted friend can bring about a change of heart that will give us strength and inner peace. The support of those we love often brings the quiet courage we need to endure. Even a brief retreat into the calm can bring renewal and prepare us to go back out into the storm.
In the heaviest storm, amid the fiercest gale, there is an inner place of stillness. When the rain clouds gather and the winds of adversity blow hard against us, we can look for peace and rest in the eye of the storm.

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