Choir Notes

Life is a Gift
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4340

Have you ever received a gift that you could tell was made just for you? Not something that was mass produced and purchased from a department store, but something a loved one caringly crafted with you in mind. Maybe the craftsmanship wasn’t perfect, but you were more than willing to overlook any imperfections because you could sense the love of the giver in the gift.
It has been suggested that "if we thought of life as a gift, we might not demand nearly as much from it.”1 One family who sees life as a gift started a tradition that before eating their family dinner, they would take a moment to express a prayer of gratitude. It’s a little thing, but it reminds every member of that family to look heavenward and acknowledge the source of their good fortune.
No one’s life is perfect, but everyone’s life is a gift. One woman who was experiencing many of life’s challenges and sorrows decided that she would set her alarm five minutes early and spend those extra minutes lying in bed thinking of all the good things in her life. She has followed this ritual for many years now, and though she gets a little less sleep every night, the spirit of gratitude starts her day off right. Not only does it help her recognize her blessings, but it also helps her enjoy them more fully.
Perhaps we ought to be a little more deliberate about seeing the simple goodness that surrounds us. Some days it’s not easy to count our blessings, but those are the days when it’s most important to try. Think of the air you breathe, the beauty of the earth, the loving people you know, and the good things that fill your days. Look for them, and be grateful for them. Rejoice in the gift of life, and you will begin to feel the love of the Giver of the gift.
1 Attributed to Lowell C. Bennion

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