When does it feel like Christmas to you?  Maybe it’s real to you when you put the tree up, when you get out the reindeer mug, or the first snow.

To many, it feels like Christmas when that gold coin shows up in the Salvation Army Kettle.

It showed up again in Florida on December 9, 2011.  It was the 7th year in a row that someone has put a gold 1913 coin that’s worth $1800 in the red kettle.

You just wonder…what’s the story.  Each time the coin comes with a handwritten note: “In loving memory of Mimi.”

Someday we will find out the real story... about who Mimi is... who is putting the coins in the kettle...

But it’s nice to know that someone still gives without wanting recognition.

Blessed is the person who sees the need, 
recognizes the responsibility,
and actively becomes the answer...

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