Just in time for Christmas, families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta got a surprise that many of them needed.

Katie Toussau, who is staying at the Ronald McDonald House, says, "I was very shocked. I mean, it's just kind of overwhelming."

Each family received $200 in Walmart gift cards, thanks to Ken Manning. A few months ago, Manning won a 2-year lease on a new Lexus from a raffle.

Manning says, "And I said really? So obviously I was excited, who would not be excited to win a Lexus, right? I was very very excited."

But instead of taking the car, Manning took the $9,000 value of the prize and gave it to the Ronald McDonald House in Augusta.

He says, "and to take another car that I didn't need or even money that I didn't need, It was the easiest decision for me to make to give it back to folks that need it, particularly this time of the year.

Five thousand dollars of Manning's donations will go towards a future Ronald McDonald House here in Augusta.

Toussau and her mother-in-law have been staying at the Ronald McDonald House for 3 weeks now.

Her baby was born premature, and because she lives in Washington County, she needed a place to stay in Augusta while the doctors at MCG took care of her baby.

She says, "they had to keep her in the incubator and then she had surgery on her intestines and it put her back a little bit."

Toussau and her family say they are very thankful for Manning's donation.

"He's a very awesome man," she says.

With the extra $200 for Christmas, Toussau says she has an idea of what she'll spend it on her baby.

Manning donated $4,000 dollars in gift cards. The Ronald McDonald House will continue to give those cards away to new families over the next year.

Blessed is the person who sees the need, 
recognizes the responsibility,
and actively becomes the answer...

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