Tuesday Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Windshield Frost Free

If you dread scraping your car windshield on frosty, freezing mornings, then this tip is for you. When you park your car outdoors overnight, spread a large plastic trash bag or sheet of plastic over the front windshield. Secure it under the windshield wipers and/or by shutting the doors on the edges of the bag(s). (If you shut off the car ignition while running your wipers, the blades should land vertically on your windshield.) If you don’t have plastic bags, you can also use brown paper bags, which will be held in place by the windshield wipers.

The next morning, when you remove the bag(s), there will not be any frost or ice on the windshield.

Put little plastic or paper bags over your side mirrors to keep them frost free too.

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