A match between two middle school wrestlers was no different than usual on the surface: a person won and a person lost. But it is the story behind the match that is getting attention nationwide.

13-year-old Jared Stevens, has cerebral palsy. Jared's parents had agreed to allow Jared, who is physically the equivalent of a 6-month-old, to practice wrestling with his Sunset Middle School teammates. But, one day. he said he wanted something more: an actual opponent, a competitor.

During the match, Justin Kievit, 12, knew he had to move under Jared so the 13-year-old could pin him, because it was simply "the right thing to do." He was a little nervous, at first, but Justin "just kind of figured out what do do." When the whistle blew, he scooted next to Jared and pulled the boy's arm over him, getting pinned.

Blessed is the person who sees the need, 
recognizes the responsibility,
and actively becomes the answer...

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