Choir Notes

Reminders and Markers
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4351

Most of us have some treasures, souvenirs, and mementos around that mean a great deal to us. They might include a photo or knick-knack, an item that has special meaning. Perhaps they remind us of a loved one, a favorite vacation, a treasured memory, a special place or event. Some of these items are tossed aside after a while, forgotten in the midst of life’s continuing onrush. But others are cherished reminders and markers along our life’s path. They remind us of where we’ve been and what we hold most dear.
Not long ago, a family trying to sell their home learned how meaningful these reminders can be. Their realtor advised them to remove the souvenirs and photos and personal effects from their house so that prospective buyers could imagine their own stuff in the home. For the next several months, their home, though less cluttered, felt very different. Yes, it was the same structure, the same walls and halls and rooms, but it lacked its heart, its reminders that love and laughter, experiences and memories, are what made their house a home. They couldn’t wait until they would once again fill their home with the mementos and photographs that both shaped and described their lives.
Such reminders and markers are unique to each individual and household, reflecting the personality and values of those who live there. They may have very little monetary value, but the treasures of the heart that they memorialize make them priceless. They warm our hearts and inspire us to cherish people and experiences. They help us remember and appreciate the past while at the same time helping us anticipate and look forward. Reminders and markers do just that: they remind us and help mark our life as we step into the future.

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