Valentine Lists

"Years ago, for Valentines Day, I thought  it a good idea to clarify, clear slates, etc. of our relationship. So, my husband agreed to participate in my idea, which was to have each of us take a clean sheet of paper. We sat at opposite ends of the table and list all the things that bug us about the other, and any annoyances we had about the other.

"I started my list, not looking up once!! I filled the paper... mission accomplished!! I was sure we were both going to feel better about our relationship.

"We exchanged our papers and I insisted that he go first. He read, and there would be an occasional comment or not of the head, and he concluded by saying, 'Thank you, I know I can do better.'

"Well, it was my turn. I opened up the paper that he had folded in half and writen in large letters, 'I LOVE YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!' 

"The shame and embarrassment of that moment has stayed with me for 41 years! I learned two things from that experience: 1. Remember the qualities and reasons I married him in the first place. 2. Focus on those qualities and all the other good that comes from his love each day. 

"And, yes, he did forgive me!"

Happy Valentines Day

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