A homeless man returned a woman's engagement ring after she accidentally gave it to him with some change.

Billy Ray Harris, who lives under a bridge, found a platinum diamond engagement ring in his donation cup earlier this month. He could have pawned it and started a new life, but he recognized the sentimental value of such an item and hung onto it.

The next day, the ring's owner, Sarah Darling, returned to the spot she had seen Harris the day before.
She approached Harris, asking him if he remembered her. He didn't. But when she told him she might have given him something valuable, he immediately knew what she was after.

She said she had placed the ring in her purse after she began developing a rash on her finger and didn't notice it was gone until that day.

Darling gave Harris all the cash she had in her wallet, but wanted to do something more. She and her husband set up an account for Harris. The page has racked up more than $110,000 in the first eight days of its 90 day fundraising period. The money will be given to Harris once the period is completed.

Blessed is the person who sees the need, 
recognizes the responsibility,
and actively becomes the answer...

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