Wanna meet a hero the news media didn't tell you about? 

Cameron Lyle, a senior from the University of New Hampshire, has trained 8 years to compete in the shotput for next month's American East Championships. He just told his coach he can't go but for a great reason. Two years ago they took a swab of Cameron's cheek for a bone marrow registry in his school cafeteria. He forgot all about it, then the other day the phone rang and doctor's told him a 28 year old who has leukemia and six months to live is a perfect, 100% match with Cameron. That's a one in five million chance. If he donates his marrow he can save this strangers life but his athletic career is over. No tournament, no chance to be a champion. He said, "It was a no brainer."Cameron chose life over a trophy.

Blessed is the person who sees the need, 
recognizes the responsibility,
and actively becomes the answer...

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