Choir Notes

Mother's Love
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4365

There are mothers all over the world. No matter the language, culture or continent, what a difference a mother makes. She is the purveyor of love and tenderness, which prompts nation after nation from America to Ethiopia, Thailand to my homeland of Wales to honor mothers with a day of tribute once a year.
The Welsh word for mother or mum is mam. Think about it; she is the one person who loves us unconditionally, who cares for us without limits, who never tires of us and makes us smile time and time again.
Each one of us holds in our hearts special memories of our mothers and of those who have also stood at our sides—grandmothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors, even teachers. These women have held us accountable, taught us the basic strengths of society like truth, honor, mercy, goodness and loyalty. I think of my own grandmother, mum and aunties attending my many singing performances beginning at the age 4. They have been cheering me on ever since.
Wales has a precious tradition of showing love—the giving of love spoons. It began in the sixteenth century when young men would fashion a carved wooden spoon as a declaration of love and commitment to a young woman. But as the years have passed, this common kitchen utensil turned work of art has become an expression of love. Many a Welsh mother’s home displays love spoons from those she counts dear. My mum included. Carved from one piece of wood, be it sycamore, oak, boxwood, yew, or even fruit tree, the love spoon is decorated with designs of flowers representing affection, diamonds for good fortune, a wheel showing support, a lock for security, and a dragon for protection and a heart – of course – for love.
So it is with us. Carved in each of our hearts is a mother’s love.

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