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Pause and Remember
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4367

There are few things more soul-stirring than to see veterans salute the flag they have honored and defended. Their salute reflects the kind of knowledge that can come only from experience, the humble pride born of defending the cause of liberty. To them, that flag represents freedom and duty, love of country, the fellowship and sacrifice of companions in a worthy cause, and a sure awareness of what makes this country great.
It is good to pause and remember, however, that too many of their companions did not survive long enough to be veterans. Theirs was the ultimate sacrifice. And it is well to set aside a day in their honor, to reflect on the cost of the freedoms we enjoy, to remember those who have sacrificed for our safety and well-being. If we truly remember and honor them, then the price they paid shall not have been in vain.
It is also well to consider, on our day of remembrance, the sacrifices of the loved ones of these heroes—the parents and spouses, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters who tearfully but proudly bid farewell to their soldiers, never again to see them in this life.
As Richard L. Evans observed decades ago on this broadcast: "Those who have been deprived of the association of their loved ones, need no day of special reminder. For them every day brings its own reminder. And to you for whom Memorial Day is a day of deep personal loss and of fresh sorrow: may He who gave us life give also to your troubled hearts His assurance of the reality that life is eternal, and that there is no one from whom we have parted here whom we may not know and cherish and live with yet again.”1

1 Tonic for Our Times (1952), 204. 

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