A Greek doctor recently posted this picture from one of his deliveries on his personal FB page—Which should come as no surprise . . . this birth was unique.

The baby was welcomed into this world via c-section, but surprisingly remained inside the amniotic sac post delivery. And according to the OB/GYN in charge of this delivery, the baby did not even know that it had been born yet.

Typically, these sacs break on their own or are broken by the doctor when a woman's body is ready to give birth. This process is more commonly known as a woman’s “water breaking.” It is extremely rare for babies to be born with the sac completely intact.

Despite its rare occurrence, it isn't dangerous. In fact, the delivering doctor noted that the baby remained safe in the sac connected to their mother by the umbilical cord and feeding off the placenta—he/she had not yet drawn a breath. Once the bag was officially broken, the baby would take in its first breath of life independently.

Would abortion-determined activists believe it was still ethically/legally acceptable to terminate this baby's life? Certainly some would argue yes.

In the midst of press releases concerning innocent lives being terminated pre and post delivery, while we grieve the loss of these children, we are grateful that this egregious act is being brought to light . . . Believing that one by one the minds of abortion-determined women and men would realize the implications of their stance towards abortion.

As the fight for LIFE continues, please pray for those who are questioning their beliefs about abortion. And SHARE this story with the hopes that someone you know might have a change of heart.

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