Oh Shift...

3 Shifts to Make when Creating Bully Proof Schools

Shift 1: Control to Connection
Go from "making children behave" to "helping children be successful."

Shift 2: Factory to Family
Go from treating children as standardized widgets in a factory that are under the constant scrutiny of quality control and are tossed if "too damaged" to a concept of "we are all in this together," each member of our School Family has value and each members' optimal development is encouraged.

Shift 3: Negative to Positive
We get to make up the motives of others! Go from seeing a child having hurtful behaviors with negative intent - "He is so mean. Well, have you seen his mother?" to seeing a child having hurtful behaviors with positive intent. - "He wanted ___ and did not have the skills to ask for it. I will teach him a better way."

These are big shifts, but you can do it!

Via Conscious Discipline

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