Wishing You Well

A boo-boo can be physical or mental. Here is a helpful I Love You Ritual to help your child heal:

Putting Lotion on the Hurts

Materials: A bottle of hand lotion, preferably with a pump spout.

Instructions: Search for the child's boo-boo's. They may be old scars or a new scratch. That is not what is important.

Game: Say, "I am going to put lotion on all of your hurts. I see one right here. I will be very careful." Put lotion on or circle around the hurt. Do this with one finger and do it gently and say, "I will take care of you. No more hurts for you."

Sometimes the child will start pointing out other "hurts" before you have finished the last. Or, the child may point to "hurts" you can't see. Repeat the message above and say, "There are so many hurts and you want me notice them all. I will find them. I will not forget."

Sometimes, the child will tell you stories of how he was hurt. It is very important to LISTEN to the child.

via: Conscious Discipline

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