Wishing You Well

We keep telling you that mistakes are opportunities to learn, but have you really embraced that concept?
Think about the last time you made a mistake. Did the self-talk sound like this:

"I made a mistake. What can I learn from this? How can I improve?"

Or, did the self-talk sound like this:

"How could I have done this? What's wrong with me? I am horrible. This is all my fault?"

Or, did it go like this:

"If he would have just done his part, we would not be in this situation. He can't handle anything."

Until we are able to change our attitude about mistakes, we will not be able to use them an opportunity to learn. Likewise, we will not be able to view children's mistakes as an opportunity to teach.

Are you ready for a mind shift?

In each conflict/mistake situation practice saying to yourself, "Oh! An opportunity to learn/teach!"

In perceiving conflict this way, we stop our tendency and unconscious intent to punish ourselves and others. We also prepare ourselves to help the children in our care learn from their mistakes and reflect on the consequences of their actions.

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