Wishing You Well

Mentor or Tormentor?
Do you tend to encourage or discourage yourself? Remember, how you treat yourself is how you will treat children.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. During the course of one day, I tend to focus more on a) my assets and strengths b) my liabilities and weaknesses

2. Typically, I a) accept myself as I am or b) focus on what is wrong and needs changing (too fat, too thin, too something)

3. I generally talk to myself in a way that a) builds self-confidence or b) makes me feel confused or inadequate

4. During the day, I tend to think about a) what I am currently doing or b) what I should be doing

5. I notice a) my efforts and improvements or b) that I am not where I think I should be

6. As life unfolds I tend to a) notice the turn of events without the need to judge or b) judge events as good or bad

If you scored high on a)'s, you are probably good at encouraging yourself. If you scored high on b)'s, you may tend to discourage yourself.

If you routinely discourage yourself, you will unconsciously discourage your children. Change begins with you , then extends to your children. Today, start being kinder and more encouraging toward yourself!

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