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Speak Up To Bullies! Assertively! 

“Logan pushed me.” “Aly took my ball.” “He's sitting in my seat!”

Briley says to you, “Logan pushed me.” When a child brings you a problem involving a perceived intrusion by another, the first question to ask is, “Did you like it?” This may seem odd, but it is critical for three reasons:

1. It helps you assess how much assertive energy the tattler possesses.

2. The word, No, has a great deal of assertive energy and your question makes that energy instantly available to the child.

3. You help the child focus on herself and her own feelings instead of the other person. 

The book, Shubert’s Big Voice, is helpful for teaching children the skill of assertiveness. This adorable children's book teaches adults how to help children speak up to bullies. The main character shows us that his words are more powerful than hands that hit or feet that kick and words have power!

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