Choir Notes

The Giving Season
From Music and the Spoken Word
Delivered By: Lloyd D. Newell • Program 4392

This is a wonderful season.  Around the world people and families gather to reflect upon their blessings and to thank God for His watchful care. 

As the seasons change, somehow our gratitude turns deeper, our devotion brighter.  We feel more than gratitude for a delicious feast; we feel a longing to share our bounty with others as our hearts turn toward them. 

This is the time when our souls begin to fill with the spirit of the season, and we hunger to help those around us.  From serving meals in a soup kitchen to delivering blankets to the needy, there’s an air of excitement in the bustle to assist others.  We feel an extra measure of gratitude that we have so much to share. 

How timely that this yearning to give accompanies our recognition of how much we have been given!  The world abounds with evidence of God’s love for us.  Truly, this world is a symphony of praise to its Creator.  So apparent is His love that we naturally respond by wanting to give back.  But how?  How can we show our thanks and love to One so great?  The solution came from the Lord Himself when he taught us to love our neighbors.  By serving them, we give a gift that perfectly expresses our gratitude for life, loved ones, and this beautiful world. 

Perhaps we understand something of the divine when we give of our hearts to others.  The charity we perform is a mere taste of the joy and love God has offered us. 

It’s fitting that we join with others at this jubilant time of year to add our efforts to make life better for those in need.  And just as the season turns, we can turn our hearts and extend to those in need.  Our service becomes a celebration of God’s blessings and a way of giving, not only to our fellow man but also to Him.

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