The Naked Egg

This is really cool! It will amaze your kids and teach them some science all at once. It takes about 4 to 7 days.

Put an egg in a cup and fill it with apple cider vinegar till egg is covered. Cover tightly and let it sit, in the fridge. Each day give it a swirl. At the end you rinse off the egg and you'll have a rubber egg! But, be careful...it is still delicate even though it will bounce. It is also very smelly when it breaks. Not rotten -- just smells like vinegar.

If you place the "naked egg" in corn syrup, it will shrink/shrivel up. The vinegar inside the egg moves through the semi-permeable membrane.

You can then place it in water with food coloring and "color" the inside of the egg and it will fill up again due to osmosis.

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