7 Dollar Store Buys Worth Your Dollar

Greeting Cards ~ Forget roaming the aisles at Halls-of-Cards for that perfect sarcastic greeting. At the dollar store, simple is the name of the game. Just pick a few minimalist cards and add your own DIY thoughtfulness. That’s twice the thought for half the price. She’ll be so impressed.
Stickers and Activity Books ~ Sometimes it just feels wrong to distract your kids with Candy Crush Saga during a church service or wedding ceremony. That’s where the dollar store comes in. Fill those fidgety fingers with activity books and sticker sheets, and then watch as your little ones stay occupied, quiet and seemingly reverent for at least 15 consecutive minutes.
Reading Glasses ~ At a buck a piece, there’s no excuse to keep misplacing your specs. Give your hawk-eyed spouse a break by purchasing several pairs of reading glasses to keep around the house, in your handbag, and at the office. Plus, you’ll finally have something go with that purple dress.
Cleaning Supplies ~ Name-brand household cleaners aren’t limited to mega-retailers. Scan your local discount store shelves for trusted names, or maybe give an off-brand a try. And while you’re disinfecting, stock up on dishrags, distilled vinegar and spray bottles. These are great items to keep on hand, along with new scrub brushes for your dishes, toilets and tubs.
Brushes, Combs, and Hair Elastics ~ It’s hard to mess up a basic hairbrush. Your kids are going to lose every last ponytail holder anyway. And who even uses a comb these days? If the low-cost stuff gets the job done, why fight it?
Wedding Centerpieces ~ Decorate your family’s wedding reception or reunion dinner with dollar-store decor by the caseload. Check to see if your local discount store offers online bulk orders and free site-to-store shipping. It’s a great way to score tons of vases, candles and faux flowers at rock-bottom prices.
Balloons, Gift Wrap, and Party Supplies ~ In addition to scoring great deals on superhero balloons, party planners (aka moms and dads) can find everything from cups to crepe paper at a sweet discount. And don’t forget to stock up on gift wrap, tissue paper and ribbons for all those big-boy presents.

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