Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 3

Advent Day 3: Petunia's Christmas and chenille wreaths

Bella Dia Petunia's Christmas book and craft advent
 Book: Petunia's Christmas by Roger Duvoisin
Activity: Chenille Wreath Ornaments

This book is out of print but try to buy it used or pick it up at your library; you won't be disappointed. Besides being a wonderful story for Christmas it is an old-fashioned love story too and will tug at the heart of any romantic out there. The author and illustrator is Roger Duvoisin and you can find more information about him here. My sister used one of his books in a drawing activity with her kids not too long ago that came out absolutely charming; you could do the same thing but choose Christmas pictures.

Bella Dia chenille stems wreath ornament kids can make 
Chenille Stem Wreath Craft

•cardboard (from a cereal box is fine)
•12-20 chenille stems in green, red, or white
•a little felt or colored paper
•floss or something else to hang it with

Step 1: cut your template from cardboard

Bella Dia chenille wreath ornament 1Bella Dia chenille wreath ornament 2Bella Dia chenille wreath ornament 3
Step 2: wrap the chenille stems around the cardboard until completely covered

Step 3: using the template, or your own design, cut a flower and/or leaves from felt or paper and glue onto the wreath.

Step 4: to make little felt balls, cut teeny tiny squares from your felt and roll between your thumb and forefinger until a ball forms (this may not work as well on acrylic felt); glue where you want them

Step 5: attach floss with a needle to the top for hanging

Optional Step 6: Try making different sized wreaths with different colors. These would make a pretty mobile or package decoration too.

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