Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 20

Advent Day 20: Carl's Christmas and fancy felt dog collar

Book: Carl's Christmas by Alexandra Day
Activity: Fancy Felt Dog Collar

Carl's Christmas is a wordless book but the illustrations speak
volumes. Carl, the rottweiller, is the guardian of a little baby and
they have many wonderful adventures together but always under
Carl's watchful eyes. Check out Carl's website for some coloring
pages and activities. Today's activity is for the dog in your life.
It is an easy to make collar cover and can be decorated any way
you wish. I hope you have fun with it.

Fancy Felt Dog Collar Tutorial


wool felt (for durability)
embroidery floss
fabric glue
embroidery needle
• scissors
• ruler


Step 1: The pattern size will depend on your dog's collar. Make a
rectangle that is the length of the collar up until where it buckles.
The width should be about 3/4" wider than the collar on each side.

Step 2: Using your pattern, cut out two pieces from the felt.


Step 3: Embellish one side of one collar piece by sewing
or glueing on your designs. If you want it really fancy try
adding sequins and jingle bells!

Step 4: Lay your two felt pieces on top of each other, embellished
side facing out, and stitch together on each long side about 1/4" from
the edge. I used a running stitch but feel free to do what you like.


Step 5: Slide your dog's collar through your felt sleeve.


Step 6: Put the collar on your dog and tell them how
gorgeous they are!

via Bella Dia

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