Christmas Advent Book & Craft- Day 7

Advent Day 7: Santa's Snow Cat and popsicle stick stars

Bella Dia Santa's Snow Cat by Sue Stainton
Book: Santa's Snow Cat by Sue Stainton and
illustrated by Anne Mortimer
Activity: Popsicle Stick Stars

This book is so beautiful - if you have any fondness at all for cats
you will love this story. Did you know Santa has a cat? She's white
as snow and has jade-green eyes and loves to snuggle down deep
inside Santa's red velvet pockets. One Christmas Eve, she falls
from the sleigh and has an adventure in New York City until she is
reunited with her Santa. The illustrations of falling snow are
mesmerizing and the kitty's expressions couldn't be captured more
perfectly. Anne Mortimer also illustrated A Pussycat's Christmas
that will appear a little later in the advent.

Bella Dia Santa's Snow Cat by Sue Stainton excerpt
I love the perspective of this picture.

  Bella Dia Christmas book and craft advent popsicle stick star craft for kids
Popsicle Stick Star Tutorial

• 3-4 popsicle sticks per star
wood glue
• white glue
acrylic paint : silver, gold, white or your preference
glitter : fine glitter is the best but any will do;
coordinate with your paint color
• paintbrush
magnet or small spring clothespin

Bella Dia popsicle stick star DIY materials

Step 1: Using a single dot of wood glue in the center of a popsicle
stick, repeat glue dots and stacking of 3- 4 popsicle sticks.

Step 2: After glue has set (it sets quickly) paint the star silver
or your color choice.

Step 3: After paint has dried, apply white glue where you
want the glitter.

Step 4: Apply the glitter and tap off.

Step 5: After glitter has dried, glue the magnet or clothespin to the
back of the star. You could also tie fishing line to one point (a little
hot glue should hold it) and hang for an ornament or decoration.
These would make great package add-ons too.

Optional Step 6: Experiment with smaller sticks
and vary your color combinations.

via Bella Dia

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