Christmas Advent Book & Craft - Day 5

Advent Day 5: Santa's Toy Shop and no glue, no staples paper garland

Book: Santa's Toy Shop by Al DempsterActivity:  No Glue, No Staples Paper Garland
Santa never gets to play with the toys anymore because he's so
busy getting everything ready for all the good children in the world.
Mrs. Claus, that clever lady, comes up with a solution for even Santa to
have a memorable Christmas Eve. Great vintage Disney illustrations
make this a charming little story for parents and kids.

Bella Dia paper chain without glue or staples DIY
No Glue, No Staples Paper Garland
• scissors
paper (can be anything you have on hand,
even newspaper would be cool)
• pattern
Once you do a few of these you don't need to use the template
if you don't want to. They are easy to free-hand cut and a little variation
adds to the charm. Try some of your own designs too - it's fun!
Step 1:  print out the pattern
Step 2:  You can fold your own ½ sheet of copy/construction paper
or you can cut the pattern from the printout and fold that one.

Step 3:  Fold according to the instructions above and on the pattern.

Step 4:  If you folded your own paper, cut out the chain template
and trace along folds on your paper.
Step 5:  Cut out the chain link.
Step 6:  Do this several times so you can hook them together.

Bella Dia paper chain without glue or staples DIY how to
Step 7:  Open one chain and slip the circle part through the
doubled circle part of another chain; keep looping together
until it's as long as you want.

via Bella Dia

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