The Duggars Do It Again:

Just in time for Mother.s Day...

Jim Bob [James Robert. 42] and Michelle Duggar [41]
announced they are expecting again...

This will be baby number 18 and is due
on New Year's Day 2009.
It will be born into a world with seven sisters and ten brothers
[including two sets of twins] all with names that begin with the letter

The Duggar's oldest child is Josh [20] married to Anna
on September 26, 2008,

followed by Jana
[18], and John-David [18],
[16], Jessa [15], Jinger [14]
[13], Josiah [11], Joy-Anna [10],
[9], and jedidiah [9],
[7], James [6], justin [5],
[3], johannah [2],
and the youngest is Jennifer
[9 months].

How do they manage that... you might ask.
Everybody working together to serve each other makes it all happen.
According to a discovery channel series on the family,
the Duggars team up their older children to help
raise the younger ones, which includes home-schooling.

Everyone pitches in by taking care of their own jurisdictions [chores]
such as mowing the grass, cooking supper from start to finish,
working in the garages, cleaning the bathrooms, or changing tires.
Every Duggar child learns to play both the violin and the piano.

The Duggar parents credit their success as a family to love for
God and treating each other like you want to be treated.
Their goal is for each one of their children to be best friends.

They live, debt free, in a 7000 sq. foot house in Tontitown, Arkansas.

They say they'll keep having children as long as God wills it.

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