Julie Andrew's New Favorite Things

To commemorate her 69th birthday last October 1, actress and vocalist, Julie Andrews, made a special appearance at Radio City Music Hall. One of the musical numbers she sang was My Favorite Things from the legendary movie Sound of Music. However, the words of the song were changed for the entertainment of the audience. Here are the lyrics she used:

Maalox and nose drops and needles for knitting;
Walkers and handrails and new dental fittings;
Bundles of magazines tied up with string;

These are a few of my favorite things.

Cadillacs, cataracts, hearing aids, and glasses;

Polident, Fixodent, and dentures and glasses;

Pacemakers, golf carts, and porches with swings;

These are a few of my favorite things.

When the pipes leak, when the bones creak,
when the knees go bad.
I simply remember my favorite things,

and then I don't feel so bad.

Hot tea and crumpets, and corn pads for bunions;
No spicy, hot food or food cooked with onions;
Bathrobes and heat pads and hot meals they bring;

These are a few of my favorite things.

Back pains, confused brains, and no fear of sinnin';
Thin bones and fractures and hair that is thinnin';

and we won't mention our short shrunken frames;

when we remember our favorite things.

When the joints ache, when the hips break,
when the eyes grow dim.

Then I remember the great life I've had,

and then I don't feel so bad…


Chapman Family said...
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Chapman Family said...

Sorry, Ayden attacked my computer while I was typing.
That was so funny!!! I'm still trying to catch my breath. So, so funny!!!!

Chapman Family said...

I tagged you with a movie survey.

brittany said...

lol, did she really sing those lyrics? that is so funny!

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