Father's Day

On Father's Day we reflect on the many ways that fathers contribute to the lives of their children with spoken words and unspoken kindness.

Fathers are one of the most important influences in the lives of children, and their unconditional love is an indispensable anchor of certainty and strength. By placing their family's well-being above their own, fathers provide children with an example of what it means to be a responsible person. Through unwavering devotion and daily sacrifice, fathers work to create an environment where children are protected and encouraged. Fathers instill in their children an understanding of right and wrong and help them grow in confidence and character. These dedicated men strive to give their sons and daughters the necessary foundations to make good choices and lead lives of purpose.

On Father's Day and throughout the year, we honor the men who have taken on the great joy and responsibility of fatherhood, and we celebrate their extraordinary impact and influence.
All Americans are expecially grateful to the many fathers who are serving their country as members of the armed forces, and we lift them and their loved ones up in prayer.

President George W. Bush
Father's Day, 2007

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