sunday reflections:

:: relief society ::
the organization and destiny of the true and living church

joseph smith fulfilled the law of land and the laws of god when he organized the church of christ on april 6. 1830. new york law required three to nine people to organize a church in 1830. joseph smith chose six. he also had the authority and priesthood keys from god to organize christ.s
church on the earth.

it is amazing how many things have fallen into place that have been indispensable in spreading the gospel throughout the world such as the availability of the most modern printing press in the rural town of palmyra new york and a printer willing to produce the book of mormon.

:: sunday school :: alma 5-7

alma 5: alma.s sermon to the people of zaraheml. recorded by mormon 400 years after it was given. the people had been humbled. but it took only two years for them to begin to wax proud
because of their riches. alma asks fifty questions of the people and answers them. some of them are: what is the nature of god... what has god done for your fathers... have you recieved his image in your countenance... have you experienced this might change in your hearts... if you have felt the spirit of god. do you feel it now... are you stripped of pride...

:: sacrament meeting ::

brother harding: returned senior missionary

senior missionaries have specialized classifications that relate to areas of expertise they have developed in their lives. right now there are 35 such categories. if you have a skill that the church needs. they will add another classification.

in five years the church expects to have the same number of senior missionaries as they have younger missionaries. serving the lord can be the greatest opportunity in your life.

brother smith: stake high council
our earth lives were planned well in advanced . with a purpose. the easy part is to have children. the hard part is to raise them in love and righteousness. our children have their own lives to live and choices to make. we need to continue to love them and provide a good example for them to follow.

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