Kitchen Tag

Take a picture of your fridge and/or pantry,
and show us what you got...

(no fair shopping, cleaning, rearranging, etc. before taking pics)

Here's my bottom-freezer fridge that I love:
(I just wish a French-door fridge with a bottom freezer would fit in the space...)

That's a lot of food for three people...
(Notice the abundance of important things like butter and Vernors. LOL)

Oh, how I wish I had a big pantry:
(But, I do have lots of cupboards so I'm not complaining)

This is my spice and baking cupboard...
(I love the swing-out spice shelves.)

More swing-out shelves underneath spice cupboard...
(This is where I keep canned goods, etc., and they're always unorganized)

Now it's your turn:
Tiffany, Leslie, Brittany
, Annie, Heather, Breelyn, Katherine

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